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Optimal? May be…

22 Oct

I guess for some people this is indeed the “Optimal” thing, the clear approval, the nod, the perfect signal to indicate they are doing it right. George Soros, Michael Moore come to mind as some of those that might be included on that list, but, for the majority of Americans it’s not funny, for most […]


5 Oct

The Obama Camp has been trying to block the publication of the story, although considering the campaign for 2008 was hit also by a similar one almost at the end and (nothing happened) they might want to reconsider and let the little scandal rattle  the opposition on its own merits, since his base will not […]

Explosión en el South West de Miami

2 Oct

Una vez más la vida real, emulando a la más vívida ficción sorprende a vecinos de la zona del suroeste del condado Miami-Dade cuando una explosión levanta el techo de una casa (exactamente como en las películas). Al parecer no hay heridos, mientras testigos presenciales dicen haber visto varias personas salir corriendo de la casa. Se sabe […]