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Delay of ITunes 11 for the better.

26 Nov

Many have been waiting for the release of the new, totally overhauled Itunes 11;  for the fan crowd it is comparable to the anxiety that a new Iphone version creates. But there are good news, the delay is the consequence of striving for superior quality, the fine tuning of some features will be as usual […]

That explains it. For me too.

17 Nov

  As many of my peers out there I happen to be the “computer” guy in my family and friends circle, there are of course different levels of dependency among this crew but since I work, eat and breath computers they always assume I am up to date with the last piece of technology or […]

Not the economy after all.. but revenge.

7 Nov

It might be weird to you or me, but considering the past 4 years, the path to things unknown to the american people, it is somehow evident that economy, freedom and the constitution are taking a back seat to abortion rights, free contraceptives, open borders and the Obamaphones, sad , but true. What exactly is […]