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Your daughter gets married!

22 Apr

The title is intended to shock you into reality…  Is that her? No.  Even if you’re an apologist, a bleeding heart liberal (except when it affects you directly) or some kind of nutjob, you’re now relieved this is not happening around you, therefore there is no possibility this girl or any other one that goes […]

Celulitis? Lo que no conoces puede hacerte daño.

9 Apr

El fantasma de la celulitis….   siempre detrás de todas? “Una vez que leas este fragmento extraído de un Informe Médico de Toxicología oficial, sabrás más que el 99,6 % de las mujeres del mundo acerca de la celulitis. Resumen y conclusión sobre los “Firming & Toning Serums” (sueros para reafirmar y tonificar): “…contienen un […]

Keep connected with Garmin -Awesome-

4 Apr

Satellite technology is reaching down to the masses and more affordable every day. Here is a personal favorite -Garmin InReach- Check out the video below for amazing features.