Gift Giving

7 Dec

It’s that time of the year again….

When it comes to buying gifts for my family, particularly my close one, I usually know for a long time who gets what, I enjoy giving to them and am always paying attention to their needs, likes and preferences. If I can, they are getting something that will surprise and delight them. Often unexpected because of the time passed since they mentioned it, we’ll both enjoy that moment of satisfaction. It is not the case giving to someone outside that close circle; sometimes it drives me crazy just to think about it. If you’re in that particular situation (or know you will be), here is a little help, a small list of suggestions.

Your Official Christmas Gift Giving Guide


The countdown to Christmas is on, and many people literally freak out at the thought of shopping for gifts. To help guide you in your gift giving, here are.

There is nevertheless, another way to look at gift giving, one that I found personally closer to me. Here is a well written, insightful and kind of enlightening article by BlogHer

How To Never Fail At Gift Giving Again | BlogHer


The truth is, I don’t care about gifts, at least not the kind you buy. This makes me a bit of a Scrooge around the holidays, but I know I am not alone. Here are some of the reasons people hate giving (and getting gifts): They are a

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