Optimal? May be…

22 Oct

I guess for some people this is indeed the “Optimal” thing, the clear approval, the nod, the perfect signal to indicate they are doing it right. George Soros, Michael Moore come to mind as some of those that might be included on that list, but, for the majority of Americans it’s not funny, for most of us this is almost a put off point.

The timing of the endorsement is almost suspicious too, many analytical minds will speculate about the real reasons the three so called “leaders” are pronouncing their votes at this time. A question lingers in mind.. would they benefit better from an accommodating Obama than from a “Peace by Strength” advocate such a president Romney? Their leadership position, the continuation of that position into the future has proven many times in history to be much more attainable if there is a strong adversary to talk about. This endorsement might actually be looking for the opposite effect.


FACT: Not optimal – Chavez, Castro, Putin all endorse Obama


Three dictators all endorse the man running for presidency of the USA known to us by the name Barack Obama. The latest [dictator] to publicly announce his support for the commander-in-chief’s reelection bid The piece goes on to ask: “Will Obama stand up against Putin’s abuses?” Unlikely, now that the Russian dictator has extended his endorsement. Read more: Here

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