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17 Nov


As many of my peers out there I happen to be the “computer” guy in my family and friends circle, there are of course different levels of dependency among this crew but since I work, eat and breath computers they always assume I am up to date with the last piece of technology or the last software. Many a times I have been asked the same question; Why is it my newly installed Hard Drive of 250 Gb says it’s only 237 Gb? where did all my other Gigabytes go?. To my credit I have always explained something similar to the truth, but not quite. So it is my pleasure to find this explanation and pass it on, and by doing it I get the double benefit of setting a reference point for the future inquirers and a place of mine to send them to. It proves me right by the way….. so I gain again.


Tech Mysteries: How Did My Hard Drive Shrink? | Law Technology www.lawtechnologytoday.org11/5/12

Some hard drives today, particularly external drives marketed as backup devices, ship pre-loaded with special software ostensibly designed to make backing up your computer easier. Depending on your practice and your

external hard drive

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